We partner with the Health Management & Policy Governance Lab at the University of Michigan, which analyzes politics and policymaking to understand how these factors contribute to our health. Visit the website here.

Elize Massard da Fonseca is a member of the Trade and Medicine working group of the GDPC of the Boston University. This team of scholars discuss the state of the current research, existing gaps in the data, and establishing a policy-oriented research agenda on trade treaties and access to medicines. See the report of our first meeting here.

Our research team is part of the Center for Political and Economic Public Setor Studies, a joint initiative of the Business, Law, and Economic schools of FGV. Site the website here.

EMF has a long, successful collaboration with scholars in Brazil and abroad:

  • Prof. Dr. Francisco Inacio Bastos - Fundacao Oswaldo Cruz, Ministry of Health, Brazil. Since 2001

  • Dr. Amy Nunn - Division of Infectious Diseases, Brown University, United States. Since 2005

  • Prof. Dr. Scott Greer - School of Public Health, University of Michigan, United States. Since 2006

  • Dr. Nilson do Rosario Costa - National School of Public Health, Ministry of Health, Brazil. Since 2011

  • Prof. Dr. Ken Shadlen - Department of International Development, London School of Economics, UK. Since 2012

  • Dr. Holly Jarman - School of Public Health, University of Michigan, United States. Since 2012

  • Dr. Catarina Segatto - University of Sao Paulo (USP), Brazil. Since 2018

  • Prof. Nicoli Nattrass - University of Cape Town, South Africa. Since 2020